Capture & Release (Expanded Images Within Reach)

featuring works by
Stephen Kasner
July 21, 2017 to September 1, 2017

Stephen Kasner’s last exhibit in Cleveland was at 1300 Gallery’s infamous “Sexhibition” in 2003. Since then he has shown internationally, extensively in California, and his paintings were most recently included in the feature length film “The Devil’s Candy” premiering in theaters spring 2017. Stephen’s works, which include ink drawings, prints, and oil paintings, are eerie yet strangely beautiful psychological landscapes. Symbols of nature and the human body appear throughout his work, creating avenues to express personal experiences and connect with viewers’ emotional struggles. His hauntingly familiar figures are poignant studies, often suggested through simple line work or in painterly shadows.  This exciting preview will serve as a dramatic re-introduction of his work to Cleveland.

Stephen Kasner Artist Statement:

All form begins as seeds of organism or idea. They flourish in some way, then eventually succumb to decay. Nature wastes nothing, however. All life, whether passed through violently and swiftly, or flowing in seamless longevity, leaves traces of its energy, cross-pollinating into renewed life or dancing softly as ghosts in mist, or as memory and fragments of dream.Nature itself dictates this force; the drive and will to pass into being, to transform itself —oneself— into greater existence, toward renewed life, toward the end and the beginning again.For us, this reaching and arching for survival seems more treacherous than in other animals. Though we coexist, animals follow a very orderly nature, and seldom have disregard for their natural abilities to nurture the lives they are weaved in to. We, however, cope with innumerable measures of humility, prohibiting our growth through veils of uncertainty, confusion, and self-destruction. We are all in a perpetual state of discovery of our beings and our souls. In my work, I explore this natural struggle, but also attempt to embrace all elements of the cycle of life, and afterlife. Birth, awareness, blossoming, expansion, withering and decay are an all-encompasing embroidery in my images. I am connecting these details of existence to the great mysteries of the Megacosm. We all yearn, and we are all in a perpetual state of becoming. Any state of ‘becoming’ takes time, patience, awareness, understanding, and love. CAPTURE & RELEASE encompasses works that bridge a gap in time; including a selection of relevant past works in painting, drawing, and mixed media, with new artworks produced within this year. There is a renewed approach coexisting with the work’s history, acting as part of a extended healing process from multiple physical, emotional and psychological traumas. These are some exposures of a life in flux, attempting to reveal themselves in a transparent, vulnerable purity from a series of human visions.