"Circular Integrity"

featuring works by
Meghann Hennen
January 18, 2019 to February 15, 2019

HEDGE Gallery welcomes back performance artist and painter Meghann Hennen, as she presents a playful new body of work on mylar, canvas and paper, opening January 18, 5:00-9:00pm and on view through February 15, 2019.

Meghann Hennen’s new work focuses on the human body as an art making tool. Hennen’s extensive figure skating and dance background have laid the guidelines for much of her art making process, and are still integrated in her recent work. Her performance painting began during her graduate studies at Parsons in New York, and have been part of her definition as an artist for the past ten years.

The artist forms geometric abstractions, with circular shapes and patterns, referencing the exploration of body movements that a dancer uses with their arms and legs.

Often multiple circular designs are layered in paintings and during the artist’s performance pieces, she mimicks the patterns dancers use to warm up their bodies.

Ballet terminology influences many of Hennan’s projects, most recently “port de bras” which is defined as “carriage of the arms”. The outline of the artist’s arms cut out of painted mylar will be one of the many collage installations on the gallery walls, forming another interpretation of a circular structure.

Meghann will be presenting a series of new two dimensional paintings, drawings and collage based pieces as well as a live performance piece during the opening reception.