featuring works by
Jessica Pinsky
November 16, 2018 to December 28, 2018

Jessica Pinsky’s most recent textile work has been designed to fill the entire perimeter of the gallery through the 2018 Holiday season. Pinsky has created small scale weavings, approximately 12x12” each, in rich colors hues of blush, orange, red and purple, which reference colors in the the human body. Jessica’s work has always correlated with the body; she uses natural fibers in all of her works because the materials resemble a connection to human skin and tissue. She sees the tactility of textiles relating to human experience and memory.

In this new body of work Pinsky is searching for discoveries. She describes her process with specific goals and strict parameters in mind:  “Once the yarns have been woven, pulled, tightened and distorted I'll paint each weaving with dye and then dip each weaving in resin. This is like embalming for me; the natural fiber has such a direct relationship to life. I want these weavings to be beautiful and frightening at the same time.” Jessica creates multi faceted layers in her processes that usually involve dissecting her weavings, and in this case sealing those dissections in resin, so the viewer gets an inside look into the complexities of textile creation.


“Dissection” opens on Friday November 16, 5:00-9:00pm and is on view through December 28, 2018.