Don't Be Still

featuring works by
John Carlson
Robert Banks
March 16, 2018 to April 27, 2018

HEDGE Gallery is proud to host “Don’t Be Still” a relevant exhibition addressing the topic of gender inequality featuring film and paintings by Cleveland artists Robert Banks and John Carlson.

Challenging the idea that the female is a non equal counterpart to man, Banks and Carlson have collaborated on a series of work that boldly addresses inequality and the injustice that prevails in modern society.


Banks has created a series of black and white films, composed of women facing oppression in the most direct format. The women in the films have their faces covered, and no words are spoken; the only communication with the viewer is the contorted movement of strained body language as they seem to react to a struggle, pressure, or pain. Carlson’s distinctive oil paintings continue to observe the human condition and in this exhibit, address gender issues head on, where images of women in black dresses and bags over their heads struggle with conflict. His black and white palette continues, interrupted with hues of pink, perhaps suggesting his emphasis on the stereotypical color associated with femininity.  


The artists state, “From a man's perspective we feel that gender equality is not just an issue for women. Men are also stereotyped by gender roles. We believe that if society as a whole can place women and men on an equal level, the value of the female gender will increase, informing both sides of strengths, capabilities and contributions of the opposite sex. We would hope that as education on gender equality grows, there would be a decrease in the pressure individuals may feel to conform to standard ways of thinking, which often leads to oppressive behavior, abuse, and violence. ”