featuring works by
David King
Dante Rodriguez
November 17, 2017 to December 29, 2017

David King and Dante Rodriguez will be exhibiting their most recent paintings and drawings in
an exhibition titled “NEBULA” on view at the Gallery November 17 through December 29. The
two Cleveland artists’ paintings and prints are focused on finding truth in obscurity, whether
through historical references or self reflection.
King’s vivid oil and pastel works capture memories of family history. Photo and film snippets
from the past are translated through bright almost surrealist color into his contemporary
paintings. Rodriguez explores symbols of identity through his most recent series of charcoal
drawings on yupo paper, creating rich, layered line work and patterns that reference facial
features, cultural fashion trends, and imagery of masks.
“Memories are a distant cloud formation that we are on a constant quest to solidify. Our murky
images of the past and the future appear in our fluid creative consciousness. We are exploring
the vague and distant subconscious to re-contextualize personal contemporary meanings and
symbols of identity.” -David King and Dante Rodriguez