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Past Events

05.20.2011 to 07.02.2011

“Night” featuring new works by Hilary Aurand

This series of paintings focuses on industrial settings and the landscape that surrounds them, specifically how they appear at night.

04.15.2011 to 05.14.2011

“To Each His Own” featuring works by Justin Pierce

Justin’s work walks a fine line between painting and drawing, with elements of collage intertwined, and is focused on the underlying feelings of what makes moments memorable. He reflects on people and relationships and captures a sense of “real moment vs. artifice” through the deconstruction of everyday imagery and occurrences.

03.18.2011 to 04.08.2011

“Fluid Forms & Fleshy Coats” featuring new works by Clare Murry Adams, Kate Budd, Isabel...

The works all relate to the intertwining of lives and events and the subjective thought patterns that inspire these artists. The artists have taken cues from human emotions such as curiosity, desire, and self evaluation and much of this is evident not only through the finished sculptures but through drawings that will be on view as well.

01.21.2011 to 02.11.2011

“Time to Get Personal” featuring new works by Meghann Snow

Legation welcomes Cleveland native and performance-based artist Meghann Snow in an exhibit that features her large scale abstractions on canvas, mixed media objects and live action painting. 

She will be performing her figure skating-inspired action painting in the gallery and creating a pair of her dancing shoes, which are typically from found objects like bubble wrap and tape.