Past Events

07.16.2010 to 09.24.2010

“Burrows” featuring works by Dott Schneider

Legation is proud to announce the upcoming exhibit of new works by Dott Schneider. This is her first solo exhibition in Cleveland in three years following the lauded Nervous Bird at 1300 Gallery.

06.18.2010 to 07.02.2010

“Primary Sources” featuring works by Andy Curlowe, Joshua Rex

The artists have created historical replicas of documents, personal belongings and even death masks; works that comment on the “primary sources” that historians draw their influences from and bear witness to regarding the past. In the artists’ words:

04.16.2010 to 06.02.2010

“Pour L’ Amour” featuring works by Suzanne Adams, Sarah Curry, Sarah Darby, Eileen Dorsey, Liz...

The paintings, photographs and prints exhibited in 
“Pour L’Amour” represent a collection of feminine views on image and self-worth. The subject matter is both personal and universal, and deals with principles such as beauty, domestic life, children and the dichotomy of youth and age.

01.15.2010 to 03.20.2010

“INTREPID” featuring works by Derek Gelvin, Annie Stimson

The works exhibited in “INTREPID” convey a sense of the broken structure and unsettled tensions that occur in the lives of everyday people, whether the lives of blue-collar workers or the life of an artist.