Past Events

04.16.2010 to 06.02.2010

“Pour L’ Amour” featuring works by Suzanne Adams, Sarah Curry, Sarah Darby, Eileen Dorsey, Liz...

The paintings, photographs and prints exhibited in 
“Pour L’Amour” represent a collection of feminine views on image and self-worth. The subject matter is both personal and universal, and deals with principles such as beauty, domestic life, children and the dichotomy of youth and age.

01.15.2010 to 03.20.2010

“INTREPID” featuring works by Derek Gelvin, Annie Stimson

The works exhibited in “INTREPID” convey a sense of the broken structure and unsettled tensions that occur in the lives of everyday people, whether the lives of blue-collar workers or the life of an artist.

10.09.2009 to 12.18.2009

“Terra Non Firma” featuring works by Hilary Aurand, Judith Brandon, Jerry Birchfield, Kristin Bly,...

The artists in “Terra Non Firma” address the subject of landscape, one of the most traditional of painting genres, through various styles that are personal and distinctly contemporary.

07.10.2009 to 09.18.2009

“The Next Step” featuring works by Mark Wiitanen, Matt Wolosz, Seth Robinson

The artists exhibit a progression of storyboards and sketches leading to paintings and video projections featuring animated shorts, time lapse and a fake documentary.