Past Events

02.20.2015 to 04.03.2015

“Process + Material” featuring works by Pita Brooks, Rebecca Cross, Dana Depew, Nicole Hanley, Ken...

“Process + Material” is a multi media exhibit featuring artists whose focus is on the development of work through a variety of mediums and creative practices. Printmaking, installation pieces, audio visual, and sculpture are just some of the mediums that will be on view in this show, which opens at HEDGE Gallery on February 20, 2015 from 5:00- 9:00pm.

12.19.2014 to 02.07.2015

“Dwelling” featuring works by Catherine Beaudette, Hilary D. Gent, + Christopher Kier

This exhibition defies boundaries between the developed world and emerging economies, and uniquely portrays industrial and organic landscapes in the socially and politically diverse areas we inhabit.

10.17.2014 to 12.05.2014

“TRUE STORY” featuring works by Hadley K. Conner, Sarah Curry

HEDGE Gallery welcomes local artists Hadley K. Conner and Sarah Curry to exhibit their most recent photography and paintings of images embracing narrative and theater. Their work can be depicted as accounts of old stories or preservations of the past, often reinterpreting themes, and documenting them in a contemporary art form.