Past Events

05.17.2013 to 06.16.2013

“Stock” featuring works by Kevin Busta, Melissa Campbell, Gina DeSantis, Mallorie Freeman, Natalie...

The show features ten local artists who create functional fine craft objects, such as ceramics, furniture, place settings, weavings and wallpaper. This collection of works placed in a fine art setting attempts to implicate a new value for craft objects verses the mainstream connotation of felted owls or wooden moustaches on a stick.


“Night of Perfromance” featuring performances by Lynda Abraham, Ryan McDaniel, Ryan Charles Ramer...

On May 18th, legation will be hosting 4 performance artists from 6:00- 9:00pm.


“Gallery Talk with Dott Schneider” featuring new works by Dott Schneider

Dott Schneider's newest work is an artist’s attempt to create an exhibit that extends the walls of the gallery and mobilizes the viewer to appreciate the artwork through a real life experience.

04.20.2012 to 05.13.2012

“The Missing Piece” featuring new works by Dott Schneider

"In March 2006 I decided to hike into the desert surrounding Las Vegas. During my trek up a steep hill far from the road, I found an object that had no business being there. It was a 2 ft square puzzle piece cut from particle board. I had no idea how long it had been in the desert, who had placed it there or if it had fallen from the sky. It was definitely a profound, Eureka moment for me.