Research and Development

featuring works by
Matthew Gallagher
May 18, 2018 to June 15, 2018

Matthew Gallagher will debut his most recent body of art work which explores physics, materiality and generative processes at HEDGE Gallery, opening Friday, May 18, 5:00-9:00pm. Gallagher’s most recent and diverse portfolio includes paintings, drawings, and encaustic based sculptures, inspired by unseen physical forces such as sonic frequencies.

Paint, ink and wax are fundamental tools for mapping his self expression, but Gallagher also studies and experiments with the forces of gravity, magnetism and sound waves in his projects. Gallagher is known for pushing the boundaries in manipulating his mediums, but also allows a mixture of time and gravity to play their part in shaping the pieces he is creating.

Matt explains that, “Meaningful discoveries are made through a willingness to engage with the physical world. Electromagnetic, sonic, and chemical processes exist around us that are constantly experienced but remain invisible. My mission is to deliver representations of these forces as art objects. These objects reveal properties of our environment that wouldn't otherwise be apparent, and it is my hope that they empower people to explore, experiment and engage with their surroundings.”

DJ set by john crayon during Opening Reception, Friday, May 18 5-9p.

“Research and Development” will be on view through June 15, 2018.