Road Trip

featuring works by
Dott von Schneider
October 2, 2018 to November 2, 2018

HEDGE Gallery is proud to present Dott von Schneider-Lanza's solo exhibition titled “Road Trip” opening Friday, September 21 5:00-9:00pm.

Schneider’s current body of work, including printmaking, painting and drawing, explores her love of travel, while also processing memories of her relationship with her father, who had a great impact on her life and choice to be an artist. She recalls road trips throughout Ohio with her family, that led to her desire to travel cross country which she has been doing since 1995, logging approximately 22,000 miles (and counting). She collects soil, rocks, bones, and other natural materials on her journeys which find their way into many of her multi media art works, imbedding memories of place and time.

Recent motor oil based mono prints created with the head gasket of her father’s Aston Martin reference his love of tinkering in a garage, putting together a beautiful vehicle where freedom from work life was found. These are printed on architectural blue prints from some of the many buildings where her father worked in downtown Cleveland, creating a parallel between vocation and avocation.

Dott von Schneider’s solo exhibition will take us on an intimate Road Trip, highlighting her own recent experiences dealing with health scares and losing a parent, as well as those of her travels from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean.