What Others Are Saying

Legation, a Gallery / 07.2011 / Examiner.com “Exhibitions have a friendly, eclectic atmosphere…”
78th Street Studios in Cleveland open to visitors on Third Fridays / 06.2011 / The Plain Dealer “Among the 20 artists with studios or galleries inside are Hilary Aurand…”
On View This Week - Night / 05.2011 / Cleveland Scene “In her newest work, artist and gallery owner Hilary Aurand uses the night to explore pure form…”
On View This Week - Fluid Forms & Fleshy Coats / 04.2011 / Cleveland Scene “This exhibition converges on the theme of tension between immortal ideals and decaying realities…”
Fluid Forms & Fleshy Coats / 03.2011 / Cleveland Scene “An exhibition by six female sculptors and installation artists…”
On View This Week - The Dance of Art / 01.2011 / Cleveland Scene “Meghann Snow gets personal at Legation…”
Cleveland artist Dott Schneider returns home with a desert-inspired art show / 07.2010 / Friday! Magazine “Where most would see grotesque towers and blinding neon, Dott Schneider saw…”
Around Cleveland's Art Galleries / 07.2010 / Cleveland Scene “Dott Schneider made a sensation three years ago…”
Art - Primary Sources / 06.2010 / Cleveland Scene “These drawings are scenes from my daydreams…”
Pour L'Amour Fashion Show / 05.2010 / Fashionably Cleveland “Friday, May 14, marked the first fashion show for Legation…”
Photos: Art Openings, February 19th / 02.2010 / Pink Eye Magazine “Photos from the “Third Fridays” art opening, INTREPID…”
West 78th Street Studios Experience / 01.2010 / Cleveland Scene “Legation, a gallery director Hilary Aurand calls Intrepid a conceptual sculpture show…”
Business Spotlight: Legation, a Gallery / 01.2010 / Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood Views “They wanted their studio to be in a place where budding artists could come and be seen…”
The Best of Times / 12.2009 / Cleveland Scene “Cleveland's off-again, on-again gallery scene seemed stuck in the ‘on’ position…”
Legation (a Gallery) / 10.2009 / Messy Magazine “Legation is a gallery dedicated to helping artists and muscians network…”